Barnes & Noble & Borders Summer Reading: Free Book!

My kiddos did this last year and they loved getting a free book.  Here is the info: Barnes & Noble is having their Summer Reading Program (again) this year.  It’s open to children in grades 1-6. Have your child read 8 books and then turn in their reading journal from May 24 to September 6, 2011 . . . → Read More: Barnes & Noble & Borders Summer Reading: Free Book!


Make Your Own Freezer Strawberry Jam

I love the fresh taste of homemade Strawberry Jam and it is so very easy to make.  I’ll show you.

I found these 1 lb. strawberries at Aldi grocery store this week for 99 cents a pack.  I bought 3 flats (24 lbs).  Some I will make into jam, some will . . . → Read More: Make Your Own Freezer Strawberry Jam


Fun Fried Egg Candy

I saw this over at Taste of Home and made it this afternoon with my 4 year old daughter.  It’s so easy and a funny little treat of ‘bacon and eggs.’

Here’s what you need:

Vanilla or White Baker’s Chips (I think Almond Bark would work well too) Pretzel Sticks Yellow M&M’s Wax Paper . . . → Read More: Fun Fried Egg Candy


Our House Concert with Randall Goodgame

Last night we welcomed Randall Goodgame to our home for a fabulous night of music.  Hearing music in this intimate setting is so warm, relaxing and comfy. I highly recommend having a house concert!  This was our second one and I’m sure we’ll be having more.  We were just so thrilled to . . . → Read More: Our House Concert with Randall Goodgame


Needle Felting at Esther’s Place

I have been felting my crochet and knitting projects for a few years now, but was recently introduced to needle felting…and I’m hooked!  Last weekend I took a needle felting class with my two daughters at Esther’s Place in Big Rock, Illinois.  Esther’s Place is a Fiber Arts Studio set in a gorgeous Victorian Home. . . . → Read More: Needle Felting at Esther’s Place


My Son’s Free Haircut

YouTube came through for me again!  My almost 2 yr old son was in desperate need of a haircut so I did a YouTube search: “How to cut a boy’s hair”.  I watched a few tutorials and now I’m a pro!  =)  I set him up by the kitchen table with a DVD playing from . . . → Read More: My Son’s Free Haircut


Valentine’s Ideas: Printable Cupcake Wrapper & Class Cards

Check out this free printable cupcake wrapper.  So cute!

Here are some sweet printable class Valentine’s Cards. Enjoy!


Family Fun: String Figures

Do you remember making string figures as a kid?  I totally do (especially ‘Jacob’s Ladder’).  I was trying to figure it out the other day to teach my daughters and couldn’t remember all the steps. So, I just searched YouTube on ‘how to make string figures,’ and all these tutorials came up.  All you need . . . → Read More: Family Fun: String Figures


The Blizzard as We See It

Here are some pictures we took around our home today.  This is a cRaZy blizzard…one we will not forget!

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Valentines: Treat Bag Toppers

Check out this free printable treat bag topper over at Glorious Treats.



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