Crafts: Make a cute scarf out of a t-shirt

I saw this tutorial and just had to post it…so cute!  Check out this scarf you can make out of a t-shirt (or knit material) over at “Make it and Love it.”


Family Fun: Fluffy Crochet Flip Flops

We had some old flip flops hanging around, so the other day my girls and I spruced them up with some ‘flare.’  Take some fluffy yarn and Double Crochet around the flips flops until they are nice and full.  Instead of chaining, use the strap of the flip flop to draw the yarn through (step . . . → Read More: Family Fun: Fluffy Crochet Flip Flops


Flower Clips

Here are some fun hair clips I made the other day for my daughters (I wear them too).  Gotta love hot glue!  =)


Craft: Zippered Brooch/Hair Accessory

Over at Sew.Craft.Create is a nice tutorial on how to make a brooch/hair accessory using a zipper.

Sew Creative!  =)


Knitting Pattern: Wrist Warmer

Not only do I love to crochet, but I also enjoy knitting!  When I was in Colorado, my sister-in-law Mandy had some really cute and cozy knitted wrist warmers on that her friend had made, so when I got back home I looked up online and found this great (& free) wrist warmer generator. . . . → Read More: Knitting Pattern: Wrist Warmer


Needle Felting at Esther’s Place

I have been felting my crochet and knitting projects for a few years now, but was recently introduced to needle felting…and I’m hooked!  Last weekend I took a needle felting class with my two daughters at Esther’s Place in Big Rock, Illinois.  Esther’s Place is a Fiber Arts Studio set in a gorgeous Victorian Home. . . . → Read More: Needle Felting at Esther’s Place


Rolled Shabby Fabric Flower Headband

I took my rolled rosette tutorial to the next level and made a headband.

Here’s what you need:

scissors scrap fabric cut into strips (about .5 – 1.5  inches thick, whatever you prefer) felt headband (I purchased mine from the dollar tree.  They had 3 and 4 packs for $1) glue gun

Make . . . → Read More: Rolled Shabby Fabric Flower Headband


Ruffled Sweater Tutorial

Check out this ruffled sweater over at Sweet Pea & Jojo (made from a sweater and a t-shirt). This may be a project for me in the near future.


Crochet Beaded Necklace Tutorial

I made this beaded necklace with a great tutorial from Auntie’s Beads (see video below).  This was my first time crocheting with wire and I really liked the results.  You single crochet three strands while adding beads.  After the three strands are done, braid them together.  Have fun! Please sign-up below for my . . . → Read More: Crochet Beaded Necklace Tutorial


Craft (video) Tutorial: Scrappy Fabric Rosette

This is such a fun and easy project to make, and this rolled rosette flower can be used many ways: string a bunch of rosettes to make a necklace, sew your rosette together and embellish a t-shirt, glue to a greeting card, add to a headband, glue to a pin and use as a brooch, . . . → Read More: Craft (video) Tutorial: Scrappy Fabric Rosette



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