Review & GIVEAWAY: Slugs & Bugs Under Where? Children’s CD

Our family is SO excited that the brand spankin’ NEW Slugs & Bugs CD is HERE!  Wooohoooo!  We loved the first one and we LOVE the second one.  Slugs & Bugs: Under Where? is a fun, SiLly, sweet, pLaYfUl, engaging, never boring music for kids (big kids too!).  Randall Goodgame is the amazing singer/songwriter, not to mention critically acclaimed, who wrote and sings the songs from the new CD…along with his great friend, Andrew Peterson.  So, let me talk through some of the songs:  The “Under Where” song is just FUN!  It is super silly and makes us laugh every time we hear it.  Poor Randall can’t find his bunny!  You’ll just have to hear it for yourself. …you’ll giggle!  Another fun one that our kiddos like is the “Ninja” song.  Hiya!  Get your hands out and start chopping air.  We also enjoy the upbeat and piano drivin “Pajama Drama.”  He is looking everywhere for his pajamas and they are not in his top drawer.  Another one we like is “Wagon.”  It is hIlaRiOuS!!  Andrew Peterson adds some really funny voices in the song….it’s cRaZy!   There are three ‘cool down’ songs at the end of the CD that are just BEAUTIFUL:  “God Made You Special,” “Sweet Baby Boy” (I sing this one to my little boy…it is a very very sweet song….just as sweet as “Beautiful Girl” from the first CD), and “Sleepytime.”   Every song is is wonderful.  Head to the Slugs and Bugs website here and take a listen for yourself.  Oh, I cannot recommend this CD enough.  The musicianship is top-notch and the lyrics are fun with a wonderful message!  We love it and you will too!

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Randall Goodgame concert in our home this past year.


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