Make Your Own Freezer Strawberry Jam

I love the fresh taste of homemade Strawberry Jam and it is so very easy to make.  I’ll show you.

I found these 1 lb. strawberries at Aldi grocery store this week for 99 cents a pack.  I bought 3 flats (24 lbs).  Some I will make into jam, some will freeze for smoothies, and the rest our family will eat fresh.

I purchased a few Sure-Jell Packs at Walmart to turn my fresh strawberries into jam.

Above are the two packages that I use.  The first one needs 4 cups of sugar to 2 cups of strawberries (1 lb. pkg), and the pink box on the right requires less sugar.  It takes 3 cups of sugar to 4 cups of strawberries.  I had 2 packages left of the yellow box, but I like to use the pink (less sugar) as much as possible and it tastes delicious!

The directions on how to make the jam are in the box and you need to follow the measurements perfectly for the jam to set correctly.

It really is so easy!


  • Wash and rinse your containers and lids.  I used some glass jars as well as some used plastic butter tubs.
  • Wash the strawberries and chop them in a blender (or use a potato masher) until you have 4 cups.  I use the Vita-Mix and chop the fruit to very fine pieces.  My family does not like ‘chunky’ jam.

  • Measure 3 cups of sugar into a pot.  Add the package of Sure-Jell (less sugar) and mix with spoon. Add  1 cup of water.  Mix and boil for 1 minute, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat.

  • Stir the 4 cups of strawberries into your pectin-sugar mixture.
  • Pour the mixture (I used a ladle)  into prepared containers, leaving 1/2-inch space at the top (for expansion during freezing).
  • Cover and let stand at room temperature for 24 hours.  You can refrigerate up to 3 weeks or freeze up to 1 year.

Get your family in on the fun.  My kiddos love to stir.



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