Thirty-One Product Review

I recently received this great organizer tote and change purse from my friend Crystal, who has a Thirty-One business.  I was very impressed with this storage bag and the versatility and durability. It has five large outside pockets and two side mesh pockets.   This bag would be great to use for diapers, garden supplies, books, art supplies, etc….endless possibilities.  I think ours has turned into a ballet bag. =) And, the zippered pear change purse is just plain cute!  I was browsing around Crystal’s site to check out more products.  They all are beautiful and functional and would make great gifts!

Here are some that caught my eye:

If you live in Illinois and would like to host a Thirty-One party (the catalog has more items), click here to get Crystal’s contact info. Ask her about their Hostess deals!  And, anyone can order products straight from her site too.  Crystal is married and has two sweet little boys.


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