Self-Cleaning Oven: Never Again!

Yesterday I decided to use the self-cleaner button on my oven for the first time (after 9 years) and that was a big mistake in the winter months.  I pushed the self clean button, the oven locked, and the cleaning began.  At the end of the cycle, the house started to fill up with smoke.  All the smoke detector alarms went off at the same time (it was VERY loud and woke up number 4).  I finally got things under control, figured out how to stop the oven, turned on the exhaust fan, got my husband to figure out how to turn the alarms off (while he ‘lovingly’ laughed at me), and opened the windows.  Well, it’s freezing in Illinois right now so our house became very cold and I had to shut the windows.  The house smelled like smoke, so I tried to deodorize with spray.  But, I think it’s just going to take time to get that smoke smell out.  Everything smells of smoke: our clothes, carpet, drapes, bedding, etc…  We even had to spray the kids with scented body spray before they went to school this morning just to mask the smoke smell.  So, I learned a lesson about self-cleaning ovens:  only do it in the months when you can open windows and turn on the exhaust fans. Has anyone else has issues with their ovens doing this?

By the way, the inside of my oven looks fabulous and no, that’s not my oven pictured…but it sure is nice!


4 comments to Self-Cleaning Oven: Never Again!

  • Lisa

    OH MY GOSH, Steph! That is too funny! I’m sure it wasn’t for you at the time, but it was funny to read! I was thinking about trying that on my oven around Christmas time, but was to chicken. I’ve never done it before either and I didn’t know what to expect!

  • Lisa

    LOL about the body spray on the kids! Well, thanks for the lesson learned. A few years ago, my then 2 year old son, somehow…I have no idea how, got the oven in self-cleaning mode while I was cooking garlic bread. So, of course we couldn’t let it continue with bread in there, nor could we stop it or unlock it until it was finished so my husband had to bust the lock with a hammer and we eventually had to get a new oven. So, I’m too afraid to try. HOWEVER, I’m very glad to hear your oven is clean after all of that!

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