Crochet Flower Hats Lined with Fleece (pattern)

People have been asking me how to make these flowered crocheted hats.  Here are my 3 daughters sporting their new head warmers.  Here are the tutorials:

  • Crochet earflap tassle hat
  • Flower:  I used this pattern, but added another layer of flowering (just do a google-image search…or swagbucks search for ‘crochet flower pattern’ for many more!).  I then hand stitched it to the hat (off-centered a bit) with a long piece of coordinating yarn.
  • For the fleece, I traced the hat and cut two sides and sewed up the middle (see pic).  I also allowed 1/4 inch around the head portion (for the sewing seam) and cut exact for the flaps.  I hand stitched the fleece to the hat just at the edge.  It turned out so nice and toasty warm.

I even made one for their doll!  =)


6 comments to Crochet Flower Hats Lined with Fleece (pattern)

  • Lisa

    These are adorable…and what a good idea to line with fleece. You should’ve wrapped them up for Christmas, unless of course they need the warm hats now in this single digit weather!

  • I want to learn to crochet SO BAD! I’ve been knitting for a handful of years now, but lately I come across so many cute patterns that are crocheted. Sigh. So much to learn, so little time!
    Anyway, WAY cute hats. Much love to you and your adorable family~

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