Free Kids’ Meals This Weekend at Chilli’s and other Restaurants

Chili’s: free Kid’s Meal with the purchase of any regular entree on 10/31st.  Just stop by after 3pm with this printable coupon. Also, don’t forget to print the FREE Chips & Salsa coupon over on my right sidebar! 

Other Restaurants Deals:

Boston Market Coupon: FREE Kids Meal with Adult Meal Purchase 10/28 – 10/31

Chipotle: $2 Burrito When You Come Dressed Up as Scary Processed Food on 10/31/10 Only

Pizza Inn: FREE Kids’ Buffet With Adult Entree Purchase (kids must show up in costume) 10/31/10 Only

Tumbleweed: Kids Eat Free on 10/31/10 with Adult Entree Purchase

Visit IHOP today (10/29) and kids 12 and under can get a FREE Scary Face Pancake!  Dine-in only.  No coupon needed.


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