I’m in Need of School Lunch Ideas!?

School has already started for us and I’m STUCK on Peanut Butter & Jelly!  How about you?

I’m going to be working on a post soon of school lunch ideas, and I would love your input. What kind of lunchbox do your kids use? Do you have special containers? Do you pack hot items? How do you ‘spice’ up the school lunch?  If you have some great/healthy ‘brown bag’ lunch ideas, please email them to me:  stayfunniemom (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment below.  Thanks so much!  =)


14 comments to I’m in Need of School Lunch Ideas!?

  • Lisa Badal

    I am in need of fresh ideas as well. Both of my kids insist on ham and cheese, so they won’t let me get too creative with food (plus I’m always short on time in the morning). But, my goal is to send secret code messages in their lunches several times a week. They both love decoding their message and their friends help out too. For containers, I found insulated lunch bags at ON for cheap this summer and they each have a sandwich container from Tupperware. Right now, I’m using plastic Rubbermaid bowls for their fruit (screw on lid so no leaking), but I found some good tutorials online for making reusable snack bags for their chips, fruit, etc. I plan to be making those this weekend. Look forward to your awesome lunch ideas!!

  • Colette

    As far as lunch boxes go, I found some “tupperware” style boxes that have an ice pack that snap into the top of the lid. So if you are sending fruit, or sandwiches, they stay cold. They come in different sizes.

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