Life Verse Design Review & Giveaway!

I’m in LOVE with Life Verse Design.  The sepia toned photography and collages are absolutely stunning.  The Scriptures and inspirational sayings are encouraging and complement the artwork beautifully.
Julie Chen, the artist of Life Verse, is a wife and mom of 3 adorable children (who inspire her).
Here’s one of her little ones:
Ever since she was in first grade, Julie wanted to be an artist and a missionary.
Now, through her work, she is doing a bit of both. 
 About a little over a year ago, Julie was contacted by one of the creative product developers at Demdaco offering her a licensing deal on her artwork. Julie says, “I was of course in awe that God would drop this opportunity in my lap and it is just another evidence of His grace in my life. I am truly honored to be a part of the Demdaco family, along with such artists as Susan Lordi, the creator of the Willow Tree figurines, and Kelly Rae Roberts whose mixed media collages I am in love with!” 
Julie’s Artwork is nationally recognized and loved by many. To purchase her artwork,
please visit her studio HERE. 
She also has a wonderful blog about her family and
behind the scenes of her Art HERE.
Julie has been a friend of mine since college.  She is so talented, beautiful inside and out…with a gentle spirit.
I had the pleasure of seeing her in action recently as she captured this lovely lamb picture at a nearby farm from my home:
It’s Giveaway Time
Would you like a collection of Life Verse Design Artwork?
Julie is offering one of my readers a 10 postcard set. 
Please enter the Giveaway by clicking, “Contact Me.’
Congratulations to Antoinette for the Win!
To be entered in the drawing twice, please leave a comment below.
This Giveaway will end this Friday, July 2 at 1:00p.m.

 Here is the artwork I have displayed in my home:


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