Fluffy Fun Notebook Craft

My daughters love to draw, make notes and color…so this craft was perfect for them. It is so easy and fun!  I even had a group of girls craft this at my daughter’s birthday party.  It was a hit…Great as a gift too!

Fluffy Fun Notebook Craft
What you need:
Spiral Notebook
Scrap pieces of yarn (6-8 inches in length)

How to assemble:
I purchased this 8.5″ x 5″notebook at Michael’s craft store in their dollar section (great quality).  You could even use a 40% off coupon too!  😉 

Grab some scrap yarn and a spiral notebook (here’s my crazy bin..I even have more yarn from all my knitting/crocheting projects!) 
cut yarn to about 6-8 inches.  Our spiral notebook had 16 coils, so we used 32 pieces of yarn to tie 2 pieces of yarn to each coil.  You could tie 3-4 pieces on each to make it even more fluffy.
double knot the yarn around each coil
when you have all the coils filled up, trim to the size you’d like.
All done!
Thanks for viewing.  Feel free to share this with a friend.  If you have any comments or questions,
please add them below!
shout out to Lisa B. for showing me this fun craft at our MOPS retreat!  =)

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