Life Verse Design Review & Giveaway!

I’m in LOVE with Life Verse Design.  The sepia toned photography and collages are absolutely stunning.  The Scriptures and inspirational sayings are encouraging and complement the artwork beautifully. Julie Chen, the artist of Life Verse, is a wife and mom of 3 adorable children (who inspire her). Here’s one of her little ones: Ever . . . → Read More: Life Verse Design Review & Giveaway!


(4th of July) Hair Ties

Last Year my family designed a float for our town’s 4th of July Parade and I needed some cute festive hair ties fast.  I had some scrap fabric laying around, so I whipped these up.  It’s so easy.  I just cut strips of red, white, and blue fabric ~ 6 inches long (~1/2 inch . . . → Read More: (4th of July) Hair Ties


(baby)FishStix Product Review & Giveaway!

I am so excited to share this fabulous t’shirt with you!  Seriously, is this not the cutest shirt?!  Here’s my little Everet sporting this wonderfully handmade/handprinted “i roll with Jesus” tractor shirt.  The t’shirt is 100% cotton and of very high quality….thick, soft and durable.  (baby)FishStix is a sweet online store owned by Megan . . . → Read More: (baby)FishStix Product Review & Giveaway!


StrollerBlanketMom Review & Weekend Giveaway!

I recently received this John Deere Pillowcase dress from StrollerblanketMom.  It is so sweet with those cute pink ribbons! Pictured here is my 3 year old, Lenna, twirling in her new dress.  She loves it!  It is a simple, lightweight and perfectly sewn dress.  StrollerblanketMom is owned by seasoned seamstress, Annette.  She owns a wonderful online . . . → Read More: StrollerBlanketMom Review & Weekend Giveaway!


Behavior Chart Printables

I’m back from our 7 day camping trip with the family and it was a blast….crazy at times with the 4 young kiddos in close quarters, but we made it through with lots of great memories. We went to a church family camp down at Lake Williamson in Carlinville, IL (4 nights) and Clinton Lake State . . . → Read More: Behavior Chart Printables


Bebeloosh Organic Sandwich/Snack Bags Product Review!

I recently received a Bebeloosh Mini reusable sandwich/snack bag in the mail and just love it!  It comes from a lovely online shop called Bebeloosh.  Bebeloosh is located in Sunnyside, NY and is owned by Elena, who is an architect and artist, wife, and mother to 2 young boys.  Her handcrafted work is beautiful and functional.  Her eco-friendly . . . → Read More: Bebeloosh Organic Sandwich/Snack Bags Product Review!


Fluffy Fun Notebook Craft

My daughters love to draw, make notes and color…so this craft was perfect for them. It is so easy and fun!  I even had a group of girls craft this at my daughter’s birthday party.  It was a hit…Great as a gift too!

Fluffy Fun Notebook Craft What you need: Spiral Notebook Scrap pieces of yarn . . . → Read More: Fluffy Fun Notebook Craft



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